Define Downward Communication and Definition?

Define Downward Communication, Definition of Downward Communication

Downward communication is the oldest to types of communication. It is the formal communication in which the line of authority starts from the top and extends to the lowest level. When seniors, superiors or elder ones give some information, advice, counseling, suggestion, instruction, order or warning to their juniors, subordinates or younger ones, it is called communication in the downward channel.

Downward communication is an integral part of the traditional organization and probably is still the most frequently used channel in the organization. It may be oral, written, visuals and by electronic devices. Usually, it is dominated by verbal means in form of personal talks, announcements, instructions, orders, etc.

Example of Downward Communication

Example of downward communication are given in the diagram below.

Example of Downward communication

Image credits © Manoj Patil.

Example of downward communication are followed:

In downward communication, managers should have a positive attitude towards communication. They should be kept well informed of the objectives, goals and progress of the company. If they don't have adequate information, they will not be able to transmit information downwards, effectively.

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