Define Suggestion? Advantages and Disadvantages of Suggestion Boxes

Define Suggestion, Definition of Suggestion, Meaning of Suggestion

To suggest means to propose or put forward an idea for consideration. A suggestion, therefore, may be defined as an idea that springs up in the mind and is put forward for consideration.

Suggestion is a communication in the upward channel and flows, mainly vertically and sometimes horizontally. A suggestion is different from advice and counseling as a suggestion can be given by anyone seniors as well as juniors. Suggestion is a very mild and subtle form of communication and puts forward an idea for the other person's approval, and the receiver of the suggestion feels elevated because he feels that he is sitting to judge, whether to accept, reject or partially accept the suggestion. The choice lies with him and his own judgment.

A progressive organization has to make provision for suggestion boxes, which are located at convenient places. Employees are encouraged to drop their suggestions. If the suggestion of an employee is found useful, it is implemented and the employee who made suggestion is duly rewarded.

Advantages of Suggestion Boxes

Advantages of employee suggestion box are given in the image below.

Advantages of suggestion boxes

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    Benefits of staff suggestion schemes are followed:

  1. Suggestion boxes encounter constructive and creative thinking about the part of an employee.
  2. Suggestion schemes help to bring forward the talented employees for the benefit to the organization.
  3. Workers are able to put forward very practical suggestions.
  4. Suggestion boxes give psychological satisfaction to the worker, if his suggestion is accepted.
  5. Suggestion schemes improve the employer and employee's relations.

Disadvantages of Suggestion Boxes

Disadvantages of Suggestion schemes are given in the image below.

Disadvantages of suggestion boxes

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Disadvantages of employee suggestion box are followed:

  1. The superiors, sometimes may feel hurt by the suggestions of their subordinate.
  2. Suggestions are not oral but in writing, so the employee does not get a chance to explain his own suggestion.

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