Define Advice? Importance of Advice in Business Communication

Define Advice? Definition of advice, Meaning of advice

One of the important objectives of communication is to offer advice or to counsel. Advice may be given on job-related matters, and counseling may be done on personal matters. Advice or counseling is most effective if it is personally oral communication. Advice opinion given by one to another, Urging him to do or not to do something.

Counseling is an organized and specialized form of advice; it is objective and impersonal. The counselor possesses great skill or knowledge of specific subjects. It is almost professional and is eagerly sought. Now-a-days, many business houses use counseling to solve the personal problems of their employees.

Importance of Advice in Business Communication

Importance of advice in business communication is given in the image below.

Importance of advice in business communication

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Advice in business communication are followed:

Now-a-days, businesses are global and complex, so no individual alone can run it. He will have to seek the advice of experts who are specialists in certain fields such as finance, taxation, human resources, publicity, etc. They offer advice in their field of specialization to run the business successfully.

Advice is not necessarily given orally by superiors to subordinate. The managerial staff and even the administrative staff can benefit from the advice given by experts in different articles published in newspapers, business journals, magazines, etc. Investors will be benefited by the expert's predictions appearing in the financial pages from a newspaper regarding stock markets.

Advice and counseling, thus aim at changing the attitude of the subordinates and help them to improve their performance.

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