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Meaning of Communication? Definition of Communication

Meaning of Communication

Meaning of communication

Image credits © Manoj Patil.

Meaning of Communication are follows:

Human beings communicate with each other through speech and gestures, whereas animals, birds, insects and even plants communicate through Sounds. Sense organs and Movements.

The word “Communication is derived from the Latin word 'Communis' which means to make common, to transmit to impart or to share between two or more persons or groups.” Communication is the natural aspect of man's life. Communication is as old as human, human being himself starts communicating from birth. When a baby cries it is communicating its need for attention or milk, when it gurgles (happy) it is expressing its sense of satisfaction.

Man has always tried to share his thoughts, experiences and feelings with others. We achieve our goals according to our ability to communicate effectively. Communication is the basis of all Socio-economic, Political and Cultural activities. There can be no society without communication.

Definitions of Communication

According to W.H. Newman and C.F. Sumer Jr. the definition of communication are follow:

“Communication is an exchange of facts, ideas, opinions or emotions by two or more persons.”

According to Keith Davis the definition of communication are follow:

“Communication is the process of passing information and understanding - from one person to another.”

According to Peter Little the definition of communication are follow:

“Communication is the process by which information is transmitted between individuals or organizations so that an understanding response results.”

Explanation / Comment

Here Peter Little defines communication as:

  1. A Process
  2. Information transmitted between individuals and organizations,
  3. Ensures an understanding response from the receiver of the communication.

Thus: Communication is Transmission of information + Reception + understanding Response.

According to Koontz and 0' Donnell the definition of communication are follow:

“Communication is an exchange of facts, ideas, opinions or emotions by two or more people.”

Explanation / Comment

Here Koontz and 0' Donnell defines communication as:

Communication is a two-way activity. There is a communicator and the receiver of communication. Exchange implies reception and response from the receiver to ideas, emotions and opinions of communicator.

Thus: Communication = Action + Reaction + Interaction

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