Define Upward Communication and its Importance?

Define Upward Communication, Definition of Upward Communication

Upward communication is formal and official in nature. When, within an organization, information is given to superiors by their subordinates, it is known as upward communication. Upward communication can only take place if subordinates feel free to convey their opinions and attitude and to report freely on their own work. Upward channel is useful as it provides valuable feedback to the higher authorities in the form of information, suggestions, responses, etc. from the lower level.

The directional of upward communication are given in the image below.

Upward communication

Image credits © Manoj Patil.

Importance of Upward Communication

Upward communication is useful for top executives as it provides information on.

  1. What the workers are doing?
  2. How their work is progressing?
  3. Achievements, failures and future job plans.
  4. Unsolved work problems on which subordinates require help and guidance.
  5. Suggestions for improvements within the department and company.
  6. How workers feel about their jobs, their associated, supervisors and their company.

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