Define Consensus Communication and Example?

Meaning of Consensus Communication, Definition of Consensus Communication

Consensus means as common agreement of opinion, which is arrived at, after Mutual Consultation. 'A Dictionary of Management' defines consensus as “General agreement by a number of people, especially on fundamental principles by people who had been differing views on related matters.”

Consensus communication is based on mutual consideration and respect on the part of the members of a group. It involves consultation. Consensus is arrived at after the discussion of a problem and after careful consideration of possible solution to the problem. Once a final decision is taken, and all the parties agree to stand by it, consensus is said to have been reached.

Consensus communication is very necessary within the organization to present an image of unity and solidarity to the public outside the organization.

Example of Consensus Communication

Examples of consensus communication are given in the diagram below.

Example of consensus communication

Image credits © Manoj Patil.

Consensus communication example of are followed:

The democratic way of life has made consensus an important channel. It is popular in politics and also in social, educational, commercial and industrial fields. The leader of a political party, the speaker of a General Assembly (United States) are elected by Consensus communication. It is essential at all levels of communication.

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