Define Horizontal Communication, and Example

Define Horizontal Communication, Definition of Horizontal Communication

Communication of ideas and messages between persons enjoying the same or equal status in the hierarchy of an organization is known as horizontal communication.

In other words, the cross Communication between two persons of equal status (workers, peons, students, teachers, managers, clerks, directors) without disturbing their juniors or seniors is called horizontal communication.

Example of Horizontal Communication

Examples of horizontal communication are given in the diagram below.

Example of horizontal communication

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Horizontal communication example of are followed:

Horizontal communication takes place both at the higher level and the lower level. Managers have to be in constant touch with one another and communicate speedily and effectively about the plan of action and attain organizational goals.

The horizontal channels work more effectively when the persons concerned to communicate personally. Thus, the formal level channel is required to be developed, which provides assistance in planning and co-ordination inter-departmental tasks within the organization.

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