Define Vertical Communication? Definition, Example

Define Vertical Communication, Definition of Vertical Communication

Vertical communication is also called as two-way communication because in this communication, the management can give directives and send information downward and in addition receive periodic information from subordinates about the effectiveness of their directives and the progress of the organization.

Vertical communication, in other words, means upward and downward communication. In this channel of communication, messages do not jump directly from the top to the bottom or vice versa, but they come through a correct channel. So clearly it provides a proper channel to management to transmit ideas, information, instructions to the employees and enables to communicate their responses upwards. When a communication flows from a higher level of authority to a lower level of authority. It is called a downward communication. When it flows from lower level of authority to be higher level of authority is called an upward communication.

Examples of Vertical Communication

Examples of vertical communication are given in the diagram below.

Examples of vertical communication

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The vertical communication example are followed:

In vertical communication, the modern, democratic and socialistic set up of trade and commerce throughout the world, is the two-way flow of communication.

Example, the vertical channel is regarded as the best channel as it helps in the proper, smooth, free and democratic functioning of a business house or industry.