What is Green Business? Guidelines to Green Business

What is Green Business?

Green Business is a combination of two different terms, Green+Business. Green is concerned with protection of environment, and Business is economic and commercial activity. Green Business is a noble concept to bring us close to create healthy connection between business and environment. The business practices should be made environmentally safe, sound and sustainable. It will bring real benefits to both business and environment.

Green Business is a part of green consumption. It is a co-operative effort that assists businesses and public agencies to come into compliance with all environmental regulations and take steps to prevent pollution and conserve resources.

Green Business to become certain laid-down business, standards are to be complied with particular norms are to be strictly followed. There is enough room for flexibility in achieving these standards.

Guidelines to Green Business

In the first place, business has to bring their operations into compliance with all environmental regulations. This may cover resource's conservation and pollution prevention measures.

A business is best when it has a positive attitude, long-term vision, definite standards, good morale, environmental ethic and high goals.

A business has four prime areas to look into:

  1. What it takes?
  2. What it makes?
  3. What it wastes?
  4. What it behaves.

Guidelines to Green Business is depicted in the following image.

Guideline to green business

Image credits © Manoj Patil.

Guideline to green business are follow:

  1. Monitor record, check and affirm rates of water and energy usage. They should also monitor solid and hazardous waste generation.
  2. Provide incentives and training to management employees to win their confidence.
  3. Spread message to customers of their efforts to meet business standards and also to convey their social and moral commitment.
  4. Encourage other businesses, to share their expertise to go for green business programmes and contribute to their success.

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