Future of Green Business? Motivations for Green Business

Future of Green Business?

Future of green business is depicted in the following image.

Future of green business

Image credits © Manoj Patil.

Future of Green Business depends on:

  1. Green business should be energy efficient.
  2. Green business should use renewable materials.
  3. Green business should protect biological and social diversity.
  4. Green business must provide meaningful and sustainable livelihoods for as many people as possible.
  5. Green business has to use minimum and appropriate packaging made from reusable or recyclable materials.
  6. Green business should fit should be durable and reusable on easily dismantled for repair and remanufacture; non-polluting material thought out their lives-cycle.

Motivations for Green Business

Motivations for green business is depicted in the following image.

Motivations for green business

Image credits © Manoj Patil.

Ethical motivations for green business and engineering are as follows:

a. Green Business helping businesses to develop a positive proactive relationship with environmental regulators who provides regulatory and pollution prevention expertise.

b. Green Business helps in co-ordinates inspections so that businesses receive consistent rather than conflicting information.


c. It recognizes businesses at a public ceremony where they receive Green Business Certificate.

d. Green Business promotes the program and logo to the public to encourage customers to patronize local green business.

e. Green Business brings local, regional, state and federal regulatory and resource's agencies together to assist businesses in meeting program's standards.

f. Green Business products are manufactured using standard of ISO 14000 environmental management series.

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