Need, Importance, Advantages of Non-Verbal Communication

Need of non verbal communication, Importance nonverbal communication, Advantages of non verbal communication

Need, importance nonverbal communication are given in the diagram below.

Importance of nonverbal communication

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Advantages of non verbal communication are follows:

Non verbal (Personal) communication may be defined as the communication between the Sender and the Receiver when both physically present at a place use the means other than language or spoken word to convey their feelings and thoughts.

Non-verbal communication can take place along with verbal communication as well as separately. This type of communication involves things like gestures, signs, color, codes and body movement.

Non-verbal communication comprises all the impressions we receive and the interpretations we make from what we perceive through our senses. The feel of soft velvet and plush on the skin conveys the impression of luxury. Thus, it is said that “Non-verbal communication verbal communication speaks louder than words.”

Non-verbal methods have almost instant effect because of quicker grasp by the receiver. It takes less time to see a color or picture, and to hear a horn or bell than to hear and to read and understand words and sentences. This quality of speed and response makes non verbal methods extremely useful in many situations.

Non-verbal communication thus constitutes an important part of verbal, face to face communication. It strengthens and re-enforces oral, verbal communication.

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