Definition and Types of Written Communication

Definition of written Communication

Written communication is verbal communication. It accounts for more than 85% of the communication that takes place in any business organization.

Written communication is used for many purposes. Many types of documents are required for official work. Letters, circulars, memos, notices, reports and minutes are constantly prepared and exchanged in and between organizations. Each has a format and layout which are fixed by custom.

Written communication needs to be presented in an orderly fashion, with a proper format. Other features are correctness of message, concise expression, consideration and courtesy. The message must be clear and complete in order to be fully understood by the receiver.

Types of Written Communication

Different types of written communication are given in the diagram below.

types of written communication

Image credits © Manoj Patil.

Different types of written communication in business are followed:

There are two types of written communication. Formal and Informal

  1. Formal communication like official letters, business letters, circulars, notices, pamphlets and leaflets, press releases and press reports, reports of departmental heads and auditor's questionnaires, manuals, bulletins, newsletters, house journals. etc.
  2. Informal communications are personal letters and personal essays.

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