Concept and Characteristic of Environmental Management

Concept of Environment Management

Environmental management Concept are follows:

Environment management system is the essence of quality life and healthy living. It supports economic development.

Environment management is management of interaction of human societies, to limit or reduce their adverse effect on natural resources and environment.

Environmental management“is a decision-making process which regulates the impact of human on environment n such a way that the capacity of environment to sustain human development will not be hampered.”

Environment management example, Water pollution is the major environmental problem. To manage this, we have to control the disposal of effluents in water bodies, change the style of celebration of festivals and adopt the style less harmful to water bodies. Care should be taken to reduce oil spills. Use of fertilizers and pesticides should be reduced. While disposing solid waste, non degradable goods should not be disposed off in water.

Characteristics of Environmental Management

Characteristics of environmental management is depicted in the following image.

Characteristics of environmental management

Image credits © Manoj Patil.

Environmental management characteristics are follows:

  1. Environmental management supports sustainable development.
  2. Environmental management demands the multi-disciplinary approach. It deals with a world affected by humans.
  3. Environmental management has to integrate different development viewpoints.
  4. Environmental management seeks to integrate natural and social science.
  5. Environmental management can extend from short-term to long-term and from local to global level.

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