What is Body Cavity? Types of Body Cavities in Humans

square What is Body Cavity?

BODY CAVITY are spaces inside the body, which help to protect, unyoke & support internal organs. Bones, ligaments and muscles classify body cavities from one another. There are mainly two-body cavities in humans as given below:

Types of Body Cavities in Humans

Dorsal Body Cavity is located in the posterior (dorsal) end to the body. It has two divisions:

  1. Cranial Cavity, which contains the brain and the cranial bones.
  2. Vertebral Cavity, which contains the vertebral column and spinal cord.

Ventral Body Cavity: This is located at the anterior (ventral) end of the body. It is made up of the following:

  1. Thoracic cavity, which contains the esophagus, lungs, heart, trachea and large blood vessels.
  2. Abdominal & Pelvic cavity, which includes liver, stomach, intestines, urinary bladder & reproductive organs.
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