What is Life Process of Human Body?

square What is Life Process of Human Body?

LIFE PROCESS: Some of the important life processes in the human body are:

Life Process of Human Body

  1. Metabolism is the total of all the chemical processes occurring inside the body.

  2. Responsiveness is the ability to detect and react to the changes in the internal and external environment within the body. E.g. Nerve cells (neurons) respond by generating electrical signals, Muscle cells respond by contracting, so as to move the body parts etc.

  3. Movement is motion of the complete body, which includes cells, organs and also organelles inside the cells.

  4. Growth is an increase in size that results from an increase in number or size of cells or both.

  5. Reproduction is the formation of new cells for growth, replacement, repair or the production of a new individual. Through reproduction, life continues from one generation to another.

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