Define Management

Define Management

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Define Management

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Define Management are follows:

In isolation, man does not live. For getting his work done he seeks helps from other people. However, all people have different identities from each other in terms of efficiency, skill, capacity, knowledge, attitude, etc. It has become a very difficult task for him to extract work from various people with the aim of obtaining maximum profits with minimum expense. In management, the individual's co-ordination helps to fulfill the desired goal. For completions of any work, there are some essential factors are needed such as machinery, men, materials, methods, organizing, planning, etc. Management consists of various factors such as co-ordination, planning, controlling, directing, staffing and organizing when all these factors come together then every goal of the individual is achieved effectively and efficiently.

The quality of management largely decides the survival and prosperity of any organization. Because of proper management, any organizing can prosper in good times, and sustains in bad time. So by selecting smart, dynamic and dedicated managers in the organization play a vital role. For the survival of any enterprise, a high-quality management plays an important role.

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