Write note on Development of Telecommunication?

Development of Telecommunication

Development of telecommunication has been regarded as “man rebellion against barriers of time and space and his success in overcoming them.” Telecommunication technology has changed the meaning of time and space. Cities and Urban areas have been grown and are functioning due to telecommunication technology. Communication technology has transformed the globe into one unit. In modern world of science and technology mass communication is going to be a major link between the nations. Communication satellites have made worldwide T.V. broadcasting possible.

The Government has given higher priority to develop information technology & worldwide class telecom services in the country. Some of the recent developments in E-Communication are Internet Teleconferencing, E-mail, Voice mail, cellular phones, wireless phones, etc. India's telecommunication network is the 3th largest in the world after China & USA. The liberalization of the telecom sector has enabled the entry of private sector over the years the share of private sector has increased. More than 5.6 lakh villages have been covered under Village Public Telephones (VPT) resulting in rural connectivity. From cable television to telephone service to the Internet, the world is fast shrinking.

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