What is New Tourism? Meaning, Types and Aspects

What is New Tourism?

Tourism and Fashion are two fast changing industries. Traveling to the new unexplored places have been one of the man's greatest quest throughout centuries. Earlier, holiday travel was purely done for seeking pleasure, utilizing leisure time and for entertainment. Multidimensional approaches in tourism have led people to desire more and more to ‘LIVE’ their holidays rather than just spending them.

New Tourism is a term that comprehensively describes the new-aspects of social, cultural, economic changes and diversification of tourism.

Some types of new tourism are as follows:

  • Eco tourism,
  • Medical tourism,
  • Island tourism,
  • Coastal tourism,
  • Agri-tourism,
  • Disaster tourism, etc.

The concept of new tourism depends upon the following three aspects:

  1. Post modernization in tourism is essential to fulfill interests and purposes of people. It helped in inventing a brand-new type of tourism by linking tourism-industry with other industries.
  2. Digitization in tourism helps to manage the collection of information. Support of Internet technology aids in increasing the sale of a tourism product.
  3. Sustainability in tourism prospers an environment. Today, new tourism is growing in popularity. It relies on initiative, determination and personal energy.

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