Major Industrial Regions of the World

Industrial Regions of the World

Industrial regions of the world are spatial spread for manufacturing units in the world, shows the trend of localization towards a few selected areas, which have a certain economic or geographical advantage. Most of the modern industries are concentrated still in developed countries that are found associated with north temperate belt. The Major industrial regions of the world are:

Industrial Regions of the World

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1. Industrial Region of North American

Industrial region of USA & Canada comprise of The New England Regions, The New York - Mid-Atlantic Region, North - Eastern Region. The Southern Region, Western Region & Pacific Region. These regions include several major American industrial cities & Metropolitans like Hartford, New Havan, areas from New York to Baltimore with new jersey, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, etc.

Industrial Region of Canada

Industrial regions of Canada are Ontario & St. Lawrence Valley, Prairie Region & pacific coastal region. It includes cities of Quebec, Toronto, Hamilton, Vancouver, etc.

2. Industrial region of Europe

Some of the industrial regions of Europe are:

a. United Kingdom

Industrial regions of united kingdom are Lancashire, London's basin, Scotland, Midland, South-Wales, etc. producing manufacturing products like engineering, ferrous, chemical textile, food & beverages, etc.

b. Germany

Industrial regions of Germany are The Saar Region, The Hamburg Region, Berlin Region & Leipzig Region with iron & steel heavy chemicals, textiles & different consumer goods Industries.

c. France

Industrial region of France produces iron & steel, textile, glass, leather, automobiles with Northern, Lorraine & Paris Industrial Regions. Other European countries like Italy, Switzerland, Holland Belgium, Sweden, etc. along with Russia are industrial giants.

3. Industrial Region of Asia

Some of the major industrial regions of Asia are:

a. China

Industrial regions of China are the most dominant industrial power of Asia with industrial agglomerations in Manchurian region, Yangtze region, North-china region, South China region, etc. with many manufacturing units producing steel, heavy chemical's textiles, paper, cement, automobiles, toys, etc.

b. Japan

Industrial region of Japan has several industrial cities producing steel’s Pedro-chemical, cement, footwear. toys, etc. at Tokya-Yokohama region, Osaka - Kobe region, north Kyushu region.

c. India

Industrial regions of India are The Calcutta Conurbation, The Mumbai-Pune Industrial belt, Ahemadabad - Vadodara belt, Southern industrial regions with Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore industrial belt, Damodar Valley industrial belt, Northern regions with centers like Delhi, Ambala, Gaziabad, Mathura, etc.

Other major industrial regions include Allahadad, Varanasi, Hyderabad, Patiala, Jaipur, Bilaspur, Jullundhar, Meerut, Lucknow, Kanpur, etc.