Various Problems faced by Consumers in the Market?

square Problems faced by Consumers in the Market

In modern times, a lot of efforts have made to protect the interest of consumer by government and non-government organization.In spite of this, the exploitation of consumers has not come to an end, and they are being be fooled by business interests at all levels.It must be remembered that their exploitation will not come to an end unless they themselves come forward to protect and promote their own interest.

The various problems faced by the consumers in the Market are as follows:

problems faced by the consumers in the Market

1. Lack of Information

Very often consumers do not get proper and timely information. The information may be about the arrival of new product or service, availability of a product; Changes in the existing product, etc. In the absence of information consumers may not be able to make proper decisions of purchasing product or services.

2. Malpractices by Suppliers

Malpractices by suppliers create serious problems for consumers. Suppliers engaged in antisocial activities like black marketing, hoarding, profiteering, etc. Spoil the relations between the buyer and sellers.

3. Irregular Supply

Consumer faces the problem of irregular supply. Especially in case of necessities unsystematic supplies create serious shortages. Many times the irregularities are deliberate and exploitative, caused by hoarding and black marketing.

4. Not Heard Properly

Consumers often feel that they are not heard properly. Their complaints, grievances and doubts are not carefully attended to and not promptly redressed or clarified by suppliers of goods and providers of services.

5. Wrong Weight & Measures

Consumers in this world are cheated by traders and others with false weight and Measures. The customers are cheated with false weights and measures in an unorganized market. Even in the organized markets such as shopping malls, customers are cheated with wrong weights pasted on the packets.

6. Poor after-Sale-Service

Consumer in this world, after sale service is very poor. Even the Multinational corporations in this world do not provide effective after-sale-service in the case of office equipment, and consumer durables. Customers have to give constant reminders for after-sale-service. At many times, customers have to get the equipment repaired or serviced by third party even during the service contract period due to poor after-sale-service.

7. Problem of Duplicate Goods

Consumer in this world, the customers face a major problem of duplicate goods. Unethical producers duplicate popular brand names, and thereby customers get cheated. Even products like medicines are duplicated by illegal producers.

8. Problem of Delivery of Goods

Customers also face the problem of delivery of goods. There are cases, where customers have to book in advance certain products, and they are promised a specific delivery date. However, in spite of repeated reminders, they do not get delivery of goods on time.

9. Unethical Advertising

Many businessmen resort to unethical practices in advertising. They make fall claims about the benefits of the product. They do not disclose true information. Consumers fall prey for such practices and get cheated.

10. No proper Return for Money

Many a time consumer feels that they do not get proper returns for the price they have paid to buy the products. This may be due to inferior quality, less durability, adulteration, unsatisfactory packing, etc.

11. Health & Safety Hazards

Many a time customers face problems of health hazards when they buy goods in the shops. For instance, shopkeepers sell products even after the expiry date; fruit vendors use chemicals to ripen the fruits faster; manufacturers use inferior quality of materials to keep the prices low; and so on.

12. Poor Quality of Sales Personnel

Many times customers find that the sales personnel cannot give proper information about the products because they are not given appropriate training by their employers. Sometimes such persons exaggerate the merits of the products and force the customers to buy products, which may not be needed by the customers.


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