What is Directional Terms? Types of Directional Terms

square What is Directional Terms?

Directional Terms: These terms are used to locate various parts of the human body to one another.

The following directional trems are given below:

Types of Directional Terms

square Types of Directional Terms

  1. Superior: Upper part of a structure

  2. Inferior : Lower part of structure

  3. Ventral (Anterior): Front of the body

  4. Dorsal (Posterior): Back of the body

  5. Proximal: Near to point of origin

  6. Distal: Away from point of origin

  7. Axial: Relating to an axis, situated in the central part of the body like head, trunk etc.

  8. Medial: Lying in the middle

  9. Lateral: on the side

  10. Ipsilateral : on the side

  11. Contralateral: on the same side point of the body

  12. Deep: further from the surface of the body

  13. Superficial: near to the surface of the body

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